When boredom strikes

Bored, bugged, don’t know what to do when boredom strikes? Here's some medicine.


"When Boredom Strikes" welcomes all visitors and feel free to explore our blog. Perhaps, this beneficial blog would be a gold of coin to all of us including you as our priceless viewers in finding some solutions to make this life interesting. Just make a shot to reveal the secrets in eradicating boredom. We hope all of you will have fun and could find what you need here.


When boredom strikes, a man could do anything to satisfy his needs... Thus, friend indeed is a friend in need. We cannot live alone, so join us to break the silence of your boredom! Feel free to participate by any means via comments, suggestions, and critics because it is an honour to us. Do not forget to subscribe!


So, i just create this blog because I am bored. Before continue writing, i would like to appologise for my English. Yes i know it's sucks, but that is not the point here. As long as you can understand so continue reading.. ( i will try to improve my English later.. T.T )

Inside this blog I had planed to put everything that I do when I am bored. Haha, dunno where the hell i got this idea.. Perhaps this blog can help to eliminate boredom in this world.. Toward world without boredom! aju!

First of all, lets make a check list. Priority comes first. Make sure you have done all of listed item below before reading through this blog. Or else you will never finish it!~

1. Ur homework, assignments all all stuff related to study.. (be a good student ya)
2. Make sure ur home/room all in order.. laundries, locker, floor all in clean. haha. (mine also not so in order... lol )
3. what else ya.. think everyhing that u need to do or need to finish~

so? all cleared? I guessed you can join me now, welcome to the club~ have fun here!

This is me~


  1. F.a.r.i.h.a.n ツ said...

    anyway welcome to blog-world.. ;)

  2. Joe said...

    thx.. do comment me ya~

  3. meow.meow.d0ra ||ain|| said...

    i love dis pic. cute rabbit=)

  4. khaizarien said...

    tenkiu cuz drop by at my blog...n starting to read ur wroting one by one =D

  5. ash said...

    hey joe! ash here. and OMG!!!! AWESOME!! you have a blog!! and LOL, eliminating boredom in the world?? XD VERY NOBLE OF YOU!!!!! WHEEEEEE!! since most of us get bored so easily @_@ and LOL the checklist T_T oh noes! i'll never be able to start reading your blog if i have to finish everything on the list first LOL

    aight.. off to read the published entries~ ganbatte joe! and love the pic + quote!! <3

  6. hanyss said...

    i think i have seen u before.have u participate in any cusa activity under CAP in 2008..if i'm not mistaken

  7. Joe said...

    khai - thx.. take ur time~

    ash - LOL. noble? LOL twice. ngee. kinda boring at dat time. now already addicted to many things. can rarely spend time on blog. love to do sme writing..

    hanysss- aju2~ yeah iam at CUSA. add my facebook~

  8. Gary said...


    Who can I speak with or to regarding advertising today?




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