So, i just create this blog because I am bored. Before continue writing, i would like to appologise for my English. Yes i know it's sucks, but that is not the point here. As long as you can understand so continue reading.. ( i will try to improve my English later.. T.T )

Inside this blog I had planed to put everything that I do when I am bored. Haha, dunno where the hell i got this idea.. Perhaps this blog can help to eliminate boredom in this world.. Toward world without boredom! aju!

First of all, lets make a check list. Priority comes first. Make sure you have done all of listed item below before reading through this blog. Or else you will never finish it!~

1. Ur homework, assignments all all stuff related to study.. (be a good student ya)
2. Make sure ur home/room all in order.. laundries, locker, floor all in clean. haha. (mine also not so in order... lol )
3. what else ya.. think everyhing that u need to do or need to finish~

so? all cleared? I guessed you can join me now, welcome to the club~ have fun here!

This is me~


F.a.r.i.h.a.n ツ said...

anyway welcome to blog-world.. ;)

Joe said...

thx.. do comment me ya~

meow.meow.d0ra ||ain|| said...

i love dis pic. cute rabbit=)

khaizarien said...

tenkiu cuz drop by at my blog...n starting to read ur wroting one by one =D

ash said...

hey joe! ash here. and OMG!!!! AWESOME!! you have a blog!! and LOL, eliminating boredom in the world?? XD VERY NOBLE OF YOU!!!!! WHEEEEEE!! since most of us get bored so easily @_@ and LOL the checklist T_T oh noes! i'll never be able to start reading your blog if i have to finish everything on the list first LOL

aight.. off to read the published entries~ ganbatte joe! and love the pic + quote!! <3

hanyss said...

i think i have seen u before.have u participate in any cusa activity under CAP in 2008..if i'm not mistaken

Joe said...

khai - thx.. take ur time~

ash - LOL. noble? LOL twice. ngee. kinda boring at dat time. now already addicted to many things. can rarely spend time on blog. love to do sme writing..

hanysss- aju2~ yeah iam at CUSA. add my facebook~

Gary said...


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