Community sites =)

I guessed everyone here have Myspace account rite? i dunno who the hell in dis world that still doesnt have any community sites account. (maybe he live in cave or in da sea) haha. Below i had listed down all my favorites community sites..

This is the first community site that i joined. If u are from asia than you should know about it. i can spend a whole day in front of my laptop just in friendster (without feel bored). wanna know how? subscribe to this blog and i will post it later..

This is the number one community site. But i doesnt like it soo much.. perhaps because mostly of my fren in myspace are strange on the other side of the world. haha.

have u ever wanted to listen a song that u heard on radio or tv but u cant find anywhere to listen it? so u can try myspace. myspace never lets me down. =) be good ya myspace..

i joined facebook just about 3 month ago. but know iam really addict to it. i play games inside it 24/7. this is really good place when u guys bored.

this site is diffrent from others. i like tagged because of 'who i want to meet' application =) this application very2 nice for everyone that is single. i mean it. single only. haha. wanna know y?

this application allow u to choose who u want to be fren or meet (usually not) just in click. it is like choosing a clothes in clothes factory. u just click yes if u like tat person and click no if u dun like it.

so i think that's all for introduction. later i will explain in details how to fully pull out your boredom with all listed above website.

take this first step. register all of above website and explore it. any comment, question regarding that website are welcome~ gud luck

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