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So i guessed im gonna start writing

After involved in blogging for about a 5 month,
i guessed iam gonna start wrinting..

So before dis iam not writing??

Ya, that's correct!

I solely copy and paste anything that found it is great to share..

Here is the 1st reason y i got involved in blogging world:

1. Money

i hope to get rich! anyone wanna be poor?
but i only got 5 dollar for 5 month hard work...

2. Bored

FYI: this is not me!

3. Exp/Knowledge..

Knowledge is power!


i am thinking...

to make this blog as

my own personal diary,

or the place where

i will put
my taught,
and all little thing about my life.

I hope with this, i can gain a

-good writing skills,

-less grammar errors (as u can see above)

-making my life shareable and explorable to others

well, sharing is caring.. adios~


  1. +Penthius+ said...

    +Nice quote, n dude, write more? Haha...xD
    +I'm sure u can cum up wif sth like d ones u posted...^^
    +Waiting 4 it...

  2. MetroRimJ~ said...

    G'luck mate~

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