One day trip around Kedah

Today i woke up as early 8.00 am..
I dunno why i woke up so early..
Like sumthing disturbing me..

Only the i remember..
My cousin and nephew staying in ma house..
they r from kuantan pahang...

and for me, ma father asked me to take them to a nice place around kedah..
btw, is there any nice place around kedah?

YES it do..

If any kedahan people here reading my blog, please be proud of kedah!

There is a lot of nice places around kedah..

And pekan rabu is not one of them!

But i dunno y ppl outside kedah will visit pekan rabu everytime the pass thru kedah..

well, nothing there act..
only some food stuff, clothing, food, cloth and bla2..

Nothing i wanna to promote about pekan rabu,
only that their car park suck!
i drive around there for about 15 min but there is no space,
and at last i park it at city plaza car park. damn far to walk..

better off watching people playing bowling then go back to pekan rabu..(no money lioa)

2nd place is Musium Padi.

This place is quite nice museum!

The painting there very nice indeed!

On the roof level of musium padi, u can see a painting that cost a million!

I dunno how to describe it, but it is amazing and tantamazing!

This place is a must for everyone who wanna travel around kedah

Very suggested!


+Penthius+ said...

+Aha, dun remember if I been 2 kedah, I probably did, haha, my dad juz luvs goin around, but I nvr take note wher is wher, geography sux anyway, hehe, ther's alwiz nice places waiting 2 be discover, sumtimes, u simply cum across it by chance, or perhaps by getting lost, haha...

chris@dotagaki said...

oo feel like wanna go kedah after dis post.

Ayuni said...

yeah! proud 2 be kedahan! weeee~