Blogging tips

Blogging tips?
What the heck,
I just begin writing and now i wanna give tips about blogging already?

Well, my writing might be sucks but not my blogging knowledge..
I spend most of my online time to reading and not writing..
I have da knowledge about blogging "technically",
but "practically" I do not know how to apply it..

A good example is right now..
I wanna write about blogging tips,
but i dunno what to write,
It is like I does not know anything about blogging..

Whatever, lets begin with the list of website where i learn about blogging:



Both of this website is really good for anyone who want to be serious in blogging.
I really suggest you guys to go through this website and it maybe will take 1 month to finish respectively.

That's all for this time.

If you guys have any Question regarding anything, just let me noe in the comment below.

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sHaH said...

wat la hyperlink..
senang aku nak tekan...
(mood: tengah malas nak wat copy and paste.. hehehe..)