At last i meet joomla

Before this i dont even know how 2 spell joomla correctly...

I saw a lot of advertisement in my collage (UUM=universiti utara/utang/utan/ulu/underground! Malaysia) offering a course or workshop to learn about "joomla"

But as human being always do, we rarely realize something that is very near to us although it is very valuable for ourselves.. (oh crap..)

That is why i feel regret for not knowing about this before..

Now, I am learning about "joomla"


throught the

damn SLOW internet connection...
Yeah i know, support local business..

Joomla is a script that will help us to build a php website.
I also know a bit about this but i am sure it is a valueable knowledge for you guys out there. This is suitable for 2020 vision. Uhuhuk~!

Anyway, wish me luck~


Fina said...

ingatkan sy sorang je alami masalah bengong camni.
damn slow wtf!!
saket hati btol. hishhhh..

athirah mohamed~ said...


damn internet slow.


gune la digi broadband.
latest punyer.

turtle yang slow pon bleh jdik laju gne shell ye wat skateboard.

kah kah kah.

budak kecik said...

nk gak learn about joomla..
cmne ha?