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Well, i actually i came across many blog while learning about blogging. but most author out there thing FeedBurner not important or does not know how to do it. There are alot of things i can write about this FeedBurner, but for starting let me introduce FeedBurner to you guys.

So what are FeedBurner? Learn how to use it and make life easier


When the internet was in its infancy, people browsed the web, looking for things. When it grew incredibly big, seach engines were used to find things. Now we have tools like RSS feeds. What the heck are Feeds, you ask? You may see this Feed logo on many blogs and websites. Well, if you click on this little feed “chicklet” on a website you like (like the one on the top left of this page), it will provide you with a subscription to the content of that web page, which you can then read/watch/listen to using a feed “Reader”. I use Google Reader, but there are many, many different readers out there. A Reader is kinda like an email inbox that organizes your various Feeds, so that you can see what’s new from all the sites you have subscribed to, without having to go to each individual site, one by one to check. Very helpful.

google reader

So why start using feeds? Well… it will make searching the internet for things you are interested in much easier- because you aren’t looking for the content, the content is automatically coming to you. If you learn to use Feeds, you will be constantly connected to a continuous flow of information that is pertinent to you. This will make your life easier.

Step 1:

Get a Reader. Again Google Reader is great, especially if you have gmail already, but you could also try Bloglines, or Rojo.

Step 2:

Subscirbe to feeds! Google Reader even comes pre-loaded with some popular feeds and it is very easy to search and add new ones that you might be interested in.

Okey, that enough for the introducion.

Now, as a publisher or blogger why do you need to FeedBurner your blog?

1. Visitors can easily get up to date with your blog and posts.

2. The most important reason why you need to feed your blog....

To put your website into the world.

When u create your blog, people who visit your blog are usually your friend that you invited rite? or maybe someone who get lost into your blog by typo mistakes.

while when your FeedBurner your blog, you will make your blog available for the entire world. FeedBurner will make your blog searchable on the search engine.

act there is a lot of things that we still need to learn about FeedBurner. this system is called 'seo' search engine organizer..

just try google and you will find alot of resouces discussed about this topic.

FeedBurner also will enable web crawler to visit your blog.

easy to say,

-FeedBurner your blog will invite 'web crawler' into your website

-if 'web crawler does not visit your website, so your website will not be listed in search engine

-if u dont FeedBurner ur blog, so ur blog will not be in the net! it onlt open to your private party near your

How to FeedBurner your blog?

There is actually a lotsssssssss of FeedBurner on the web. but i suggest you to use FeedBurner as this website is approved to google.

Have fun blogging!

(sorry if u cannot understand, i will recreate this topic later i this post gets response)

Any question just ask in this posts

have anyone realize something in this post? i keep using "FeedBurner" words.

why do i do this?

density of words are one of 'SEO' strategy

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