Gunung Tahan Training

Training, training, training...
This training is tiresome, but I like it.
Today is the first day of my training.
We jogged around UUM lake for 3 rounds!
Wow, this is the first time I jog around this Lake although I studying here for almost a year already..

This training is meant to built 'back' our stamina and fitness.
Please note that i write 'back' that mean
we already have the stamina and fitness,
but we just want to enhance and empower it.

Herm, why i write all this...
I does not want u guys to think that I am a such talkative, noisy, bragged, or anything negative..
This is my blog, and I can do what I want,
and I think I want to keep my life on record with this, Blogging..

FYI: For this post i took almost 20 minutes to write all of this..
I hope by blogging, i can gain my writing skills, and my language skills..


sHaH said...

wah joe..
no wonder semster lepas badan ko nampak kurus.
aktif giler skrg..

sHaH said...

bro, ko kene tag.. jawab la ye kalo sudi...