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The others way to eradicate boredom is through movies. We can watch movies for free on the internet. Some websites offer us to watch movie for free without downloading. But, I recently had checked out all website that offer us to watch movies for free and found out that most of the website had been closed down. Here is the example of those websites.

So why do those websites that offer us to watch movies for free closed down?

I think you already know the reason. It is illegal to watch or download movies for ‘free’. Even on the internet. Everything in this world is not free, in order to gain something, we need to lose something. (That is my primary physics theory~ lol)

So how come there is still a websites that offered us to watch movies for free?

There are two possibilities that I found;
1. That website is just a ‘scam’, it told you that it is free and only need a few simple steps. But after completed the registration and all bla2 stuff, only then they will tell that you need to pay for bla2. Well, it’s all about money.
2. That websites is still new. So the authorities are still not ‘crawl’ that site yet. or maybe it has a disclaimer about the website content.

I want to watch movies for free, but how?

Here is the solution to your problem;
1. Download it through torrent. It is a little bit unsafe (got virus and Trojan sometimes), but it is the easy way to get free movies.
2. Search for it, maybe you will find one. but be careful, free stuff usually comes in double.
3. Borrow it from your friends. Easy rite?
4. Take out your credit card, any pay for it. Easiest one~

I already go through the internet and found a lots of good websites that offered to watch movies for free, and here is the example.

That is one site I like the most however this URL has a list of sites which offer the same functionality.

Btw, there is plenty more websites, but like i said, be careful in every way.


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